This year saw the launch of our BTC-22 Mk 2 (pictured), which was showcased at Southampton Boatshow. With a swing keel, higher topsides and new window design, it proved a huge hit and we’re now busy fulfilling orders for the New Year.

Buckley Ribs

We’re also busy fulfilling orders for our 6m -10m range of Ribs. The design is of a deep-V hull that can achieve good speed (40+ knots) but also carry a large payload. This is very much aimed at the commercial market and orders are being won with Shipyards and Government authorities.


Resin Infusion

Last year I would say our Wet Lay-up/Infusion split was approx. 50/50 but now Resin Infusion has taken the majority share of work being completed. As a result we have invested in new pumps and catch pots. We also offer Infusion support and consultancy for others looking to upskill their operations.


Plug kits, Core kits, Templates are all cut on our CNC machine on a regular basis. This works well internally as we build a lot of Structural kits for a number of boat builders which the core is machined and then moved onto be laminated with great accuracy. We also work hard to offer a rapid turnaround service for local race teams for anything they may need machining. All in all this area of the business supports lead times and quality standards for the work that we carry out.


Buckley Yacht Design

Opening Times

CML and BYD will work the last day of the year on 20th of December and we will return to work on the 6th of January 2020.

From ALL at CMDL and BYD, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.




Yours Sincerely,

Warwick Buckley
Managing Director