Pleasure Designs


Project: BOREALIS 45

Material: Wood or Composite

LOA: 13.98 m

BOA: 4.10 m

Draught: 2.40 m

Displacement: 7.5 tonnes

Rig Type: Fractional

Description: This vessel was designed to be a performance cruiser capable of switching from being an all-out racer to cruising the globe in style. This yacht was designed to be a Category A vessel. With one construction completed in the UK and Hull Number 2 currently underway in the North West of France.

Project: LILY 30

Material: Composite / Wood

LOA: 9.00 m

BOA: 2.54 m

Displacement: 2.5 tonnes

Rig Type: Fractional

Description: Day sailor designed to be sleek and elegant while maintaining excellent sailing ability at all points of sail.

Project: B-80

Material: Composite or Aluminium

LOA: 23.57 m

BOA: 5.87 m

Displacement: 33.75 tonnes

Rig Type: Fractional

Description: Designed as a pocket superyacht the B-80 is packed full of features and styling more attributable to a larger yacht. This is the flagship of BYD and combines the experience and expertise we have gained over the years within the industry. Truly unique for the size range this yacht boasts a big game. Contact us for more information.


Project: Groen 50

Material: Aluminium

LOA: 15.24 m

BOA: 4.65 m

Draught: 0.65 m

Speed: 25 Knots

Description: This modern classic Motor Yacht features unique styling points, specifically with the flow from the chines to the bow and bow flare to the sheer. The BYD team worked closely with the client to achieve a specific vision. Scheduled to be built in the Netherlands and operated around the Netherlands.

Project: BD-40

Material: Composite

LOA: 12.25 m

BOA: 3.5 m

Draught: 0.55 m

Speed: 25+ Knots

Description: This motor yacht was developed to be used predominantly as a coastal cruiser for weekend trips. There is nothing standard about this boat. It is available with many customizable features to provide luxury and comfort to the cruise. For more information contact us.

Project: M.Y Shemara

Material: Steel

LOA: 64.09 m

BOA: 9.19 m

Speed: 12 Knots

Description: BYD holds this vessel close to their heart. Commissioned to design and engineer specific outfitting items for the vessel like an integrated funnel to hold systems and an infinity pool on the back deck.

Stock Plans

Project: Magnificat

Material: Wood Composite

LOA: 8.33 m

BOA: 4.86 m

Draught: 0.44 m

Displacement: 2.65 toones

Description: This vessel was designed to be a kit for the avid home builder. Solid construction ensures a sturdy vessel for family cruising and exploring the coast. The Magnificat was designed with an abundance of space down below. Hull Number 1 is currently in build on the south coast of the UK.

Project: BC 40

Material: Composite

LOA: 12.61 m

BOA: 5.97 m

Draught: 1.2 m

Displacement: 5.75 toones

Description: This concept was developed for a client looking for a comfortable yacht to transit the globe. Designed with the intent of spending 80% of time at anchor and able to accommodate 2 to 3 sets of guests at a time, the BC 40 has comfortable areas for dining and lounging.