Commercial Designs


Project: Seamar 18

Material: Composite

LOA: 18.0 m

BOA: 4.82 m

Draught: 0.85 m

Speed: 32+ Knots

Description: This design is being developed for a client looking to produce a modern style of patrol boat with the option of construction out of carbon. This vessel has a flybridge look out station with an option for second helm location. Also down below is berthing and accommodation for crew for extended periods piloting or patrolling the waterways. Options available for preferred propulsion method.

Project: Saute Moutons 18

Material: Aluminium

LOA: 12.8 m

BOA: 4.85 m

Draught: 0.45 m

Speed: 49 Knots

Description: Saute Moutons 18 was released in 2019 as the latest member of the fleet for Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours on the Niagara River. These power boats are designed to take passengers on an exhilarating ride in the rapids. Buckley Yacht Design was involved in producing class designs and providing technical support throughout the build, inclining and stability booklets for final class certification approvals.

Project: Work Cat

Material: Composite or Aluminium

LOA: 10-12 m

BOA: 4.27 m

Draught: 0.45 m

Speed: 15-25 Knots

Description: This Work Cat has been designed for versatility, the interior arrangements are fully customizable to either maximize space for carrying passengers, or can be utilized as a work boat increasing on available space for a work deck. Systems were thought out with ease of maintenance in mind, including using outboards as propulsion systems.

Project: MW Tugs/Workboats

Material: Steel

LOA: 9.1 m

BOA: 3.66 m

Draught: 0.9 m

Speed: 10 Knots

Description: Designed for a client in Canada operating on the Great Lakes, this vessel can adopt multiple roles and be switched from an alongside workboat to a pull tug or push tug. Built to be robust and comes with the option of a Z-Drive or Standard shaft and propeller. This design is available from 9m – 14m.

Project: BR Series Ribs

Material: Composite

LOA: 6.5 – 10 m

BOA: 2.5 – 3 m

Draught: 0.4 m

Speed: 30 – 50 Knots

Description: New line of Ribs designed by BYD that range from 6.5 m – 10 m currently being built in the UK. These ribs were originally intended for the commercial market. BYD will carry out the design and engineering work required for the fully customizable vessels. The design features a deep V and hull capable of high speeds that is also able to carry heavy payloads making it a versatile vessel.