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57’ Liveaboard

57’ Liveaboard

Canal Style Liveaboard Motor Yacht

Categories: Power Yachts


This contemporary modern classic 57' Liveaboard based on traditional Leeds to Liverpool cargo boats was brought to BYD by the owner at a conceptual stage from which they were looking to build their dream boat/home on the water.


With some knowledge and skill in 3D the owner gave BYD files of the overall look and layout from which we tweaked and changed it to give it more sheer and shaped the hull lines for the underwater arrangement for the vessel to meet the owners requirements.

From this the powering and propeller sizing was determined, along with a layout for the structure and definition of the structural members. To utilise the layout of the structure and exceed the initial requirement, water ballast tanks were specified to be able to reduce the overall draft, to allow the owner to gain access to shallower areas of the waterways which the vessel is intended to embark on.



17.4  metres


3.71 metres


 16.0 metres

Draft 'T'

0.69 - 0.79  m


23.82 tonnes


Single Screw

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